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Garage Door Repair

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A Few Garage Door Repair Tips


garage door repair NMItemThere is no doubt that we all take our garage doors somewhat for granted because most of them are extremely reliable and very functional. It is a joy to be able to drive into our driveway, push the button on the remote, and watch as the door effortlessly rises to an open, dry and warm garage.

It might be raining, storming or snowing outside, but the inside of the garage is nice and comfortable, and an ideal environment in which to unload the groceries and the family.

However, since the garage door is a mechanical device, there are at times some issues that bear looking into, and if we keep tabs on just a few things, we can look forward to a long-lasting, workable automatic overhead garage door.

Thus, a few garage door repair tips would be in order so that we can understand and be on the lookout for problems. For example, the bolts that hold the hinges that fasten the partitions of the door together have a way of working themselves loose over time. As the door travels on its rails in an up and down motion, the partitions bend at the point where the door folds back along the roof of the garage.

If the bolts on the hinges become too loose, the action of the door can cause the hinges to come loose, and the door can buckle right there in the act of raising or lowering. It is a simple matter to check the nuts on each bolt, to just be sure that they are all tight and snug.

You can use a small wrench or a socket wrench just to get the job done. You can have them all tight in as little as half an hour. Also check the nuts on the bolts that hold the tracks to the front of the garage wall for the same reason.

It would be a very good idea to make contact with a local garage door company and simply ask if they have an annual maintenance plan, where you would get a discount or an annual checkup. At any rate, it is worth a try, but having a technician to come to your garage and check the spring, the motor and the door opener itself, which is the solid state board which is the brain of the door.

The spring helps the motor in the raising and lowering of the door. It can lose its tension over time, as it contracts when the door is raising and it expands as the door lowers. Sometimes it will need replacing, and only a trained technician should attempt that process, as it can be very dangerous.

If the motor or solid state board go, then they simply need to be replaced. Having a relationship with a garage door company would rank right up there as one of the best garage door repair tips on the list.

The last of the garage door repair tips on the list is to simply be sure that your door is running straight on the tracks, as sometimes the tracks can get bent, so the raising and lowering of the door may not always be running on a straight line. This would continue to degrade the more the door runs.

That action can be very subtle, as most of us don’t think about that, but if one side of door begins to move faster than the other side, the door could buckle. Having the door buckle is not a good thing, as it can cause damage to your garage, as well as your car. So keep up with things, and you will be ahead of any problems that might develop.

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