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How To Clean Brick and Stone Exteriors

Walls and other parts of the building made of either stone or brick are soon going to change their color and general outlook due to dirt. Cleaning is therefore a vital part of building maintenance for those who want to retain the original appeal of their structures. Knowing how to do the cleaning thus helps one achieve this goal and better still cut on the expenses that would have been incurred if the problem was allowed to escalate.


Dirty brickwork can be cleaned by thoroughly rubbing with a smaller piece of brick of similar texture and color. The broken side of the smaller brick does the abrasion work hence removing the dull parts of the brick under renovation. Similar technique could still be effective for cleaning grubby stone wall surfaces. The color of the smaller stone or brick being used should be taken into very keen consideration as there are instances where their inner parts are of a separate color. Such types will only make the condition of your brick or stone worse.
Raking out a small portion of about half an inch of the dirty mortar of your brickwork or stone and replacing it with new mortar is also a remedy. The scraping could either be done using spike or gauge-nails.

how to clean brick exteriorRegular Cleaning

For stains, such as those caused by cement, there are cleaning fluids available in hardware stores that help do away with the drips. The fluid should be one that dissolves the stains without interfering with the masonry. Proper care should be taken by putting on gloves and goggles to protect hands and eyes since most of the fluids are acidic.

Special Stains

For algae and grime, pressure washers that use pure water are the solution. However, this may destroy the wood that normally surrounds the bricks.
Growths on stones such as molds and some fungi are best controlled by proprietary fungicides.